Plants need to transport various things around inside themselves thus they have tubes for it. Plants have two separate sets of tubes for transporting stuff around the plant. Both sets of tubes go to every part of the plant, but they are totally separate.They usually run alongside each other. These tubes are called phloem and xylem.

Phloem Tubes transport Food:
-Made of living cells with perforated end-plates to allow stuff to flow through.
-They transport food made in the leaves to all other parts of the plant, in both directions.
-They carry sugars, fats, proteins etc. to growing regions in shoot tips and root tips and to/from storage organs in the roots.

Xylem Tubes take water Up:
-Made of dead cells joined end to end with no end walls between them.
-The side walls are strong and stiff and contain lignin. This gives the plant support.
-They carry water and minerals from the roots up to the leaves in the transpiration stream.


The Phloem and Xylem extend into the Roots:
-The phloem carries food down to the roots for growth or for storage and may later carry it back up again.
- The xylem carries water and minerals, (which are taken in by the roots), up to the leaves.